Activity After Liposuction

Movement is Important: Make sure you are up and walking around after your surgery. When lying down in bed or on the couch, make sure you are moving your legs and ankles. Take deep breaths frequently to keep your lungs clear.

Exercise: Normal activity can be resumed a few days after surgery. You can resume an exercise regimen in approximately 1 week after surgery, though start easy and build back up to your previous exercise levels. Just know that swelling may transiently be worse with exercise.

Compression Garment: Expect to wear a compression garment for 4-12 weeks after liposuction. The garment should fit snug but not too tight so that you have trouble breathing or you develop wounds or blisters from the compression. Always wear your garment except for when you are showering or to wash it. This will help with minimizing swelling and help in contouring the body. You may be asked to switch to a different type of garment after a few weeks of wearing it.

Lipoifoam: Most patients will arrive from surgery with compression foam found inside the compression garment to help with minimizing swelling.

Driving: Do NOT operate a vehicle or make important decisions until you have been off pain medications for 24 hours. Use good judgment.

Travel: Automobile travel can resume immediately though frequent breaks are needed, approximately every 2 hours to prevent blood pooling and clots. Airline travel is restricted until 1 week postop. You will notice increased swelling with airline travel, and this can happen even 6-8 weeks postop due to the pressure changes.

Return to work: Most patients require approximately 5-7days off work depending on their job responsibilities. Returning to work with a light schedule initially or even part-time can be beneficial as well.

Sexual Intercourse: Sex can be resumed when you feel ready with no restrictions.


  • Showering: Always follow your surgeon’s instruction. You may shower with assistance the day following surgery. Remove your garment and any compression foam. Incisions are covered with a waterproof dressing and require no attention. Replace garment after your shower.
  • Hot Tubs/Baths/Swimming Pools: No tub baths or jacuzzi until your incisions have healed, and approved by your surgeon, which is usually around 2 weeks. It is best to wait one month for hot tubs as they tend to have more bacteria than regular chlorinated swimming pools.


  • Incisions: Your incisions are covered with a waterproof dressing. No dressing changes or incision care is required. After your first postop visit, the dressing will be removed, and tape will be applied. Additional tape is provided so you can continue a planned scar regimen.
  • Stitches: All stitches are dissolvable.