Benefits of PS-MLD After Surgery

Many doctors recommend massage after liposuction or other plastic surgery treatments to ensure that their patients obtain the finest outcomes possible. A working lymphatic system is essential to the body’s ability to regenerate tissues, drain fluids, filter out foreign substances and toxins, detoxify, and maintain a healthy immune system. The lymphatic system is complex and made up mostly of nodes and lymph vessels working together to achieve these aims. The lymph itself carries fatty acids, hormone cells, immune cells, proteins, and toxins to be processed by the lymph nodes. When the body is under stress, fatigued, experiencing infections, fighting a disease process, or—in certain cases—recovering from surgery, the process may be slowed down.

Despite being undesirable, fat is an active and living tissue that stores lipids and energy, contains many blood and lymphatic vessels, and provides hormonal regulation. Once removed, those vessels can become damaged, and cells and connective tissue are destroyed. This can lead to an accumulation of excess fluid buildup and the formation of hardened areas of scar tissue (fibrosis). Lymphatic drainage utilizes a particular sequence of massage strokes to trigger fluid flow through the lymphatic system.

A PS-MLD is a specialist treatment that aids in the effective functioning of the lymphatic system. The treated region is given extra care when done after surgery to speed up healing and offer smoother outcomes. PS-MLD has several advantages, including the following:

  • Decreases Inflammation: PS-MLD for lymphatic drainage imitates the lymphatic system’s pulse and flow. It aids in the movement of sluggish fluids out of interstitial bodily tissue and into lymphatic capillaries, lowering edema and boosting the immune system simultaneously.
  • Reduces Pain: People having liposuction and or plastic surgery may experience anxiety due to the anticipated pain after the treatment. Most of the time, the doctor will recommend painkillers for the days just after the treatment. PS-MLD and Post Operative Massage has been demonstrated to block the pain receptor signals that reach the brain when it is begun a few weeks after surgery.
  • Decreases Swelling: Liposuction/Plastic Surgical Procedures can cause several side effects and potential complications such as infection, scarring, and prolonged swelling. The process of fibrosis thickens tissue and causes noticeable scarring and hardness. Although it can diminish over time, PS-MLD can accelerate its removal. Prolonged swelling or pockets (seroma) filled with fluid can slow down recovery and compromise results. PS-MLD can release this by decreasing inflammation and tension within tissues.
  • Enhances Microcirculation: PS-MLD improves blood flow and oxygen intake. This is important step in post-op recovery period to preventing skin necrosis and reducing bruises, pain and promote rapid drainage of post-surgical lymphatic accumulation. Both trash and fluids are processed by the lymphatic system. These fluids may solidify after surgery, which is frequently uncomfortable. By easing pain and enhancing circulation, massage aids in preventing the hardening of fluids.
  • Decreases Fibrotic Nodules Build-Up: Fibrotic nodules are hard lumps that may form after surgery. A PS-MLD will help prevent the build-up of fibrotic nodules, which in the long run will help improve skin tone and texture.
  • Minimizes The Risk of Post-Surgical Complications: Postoperative complications may either be general or specific to the type of surgery undertaken and should be managed and always monitored during patient’s recovery process. Common general postoperative complications include postoperative fever, atelectasis, wound & skin infection, embolism and deep vein thrombosis (DVT), cording, physical, emotional and mental stress and more.
  • Improves Immune System: PS-MLD prevents depleting of body vital nutrients. This is very important for anyone that has had any time of surgery. Speedy recovery is a must to avoid prolonged swelling and post-op complications. Because the lymphatic system also plays a vital role in immune cell transport, this treatment can improve the overall immune response, reducing the risk of infection, decongesting the system by promoting fast cell-filtration and reabsorption of amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  • Soft Tissue Repair: Post-operative massage combined with PS-MLD help promote circulation and blood flow throughout your body–although primarily in the area that was treated. This improvement of circulation allows for nutrients to easily be brought to certain areas. With the increase of nutrients, soft tissues have an easier time in repairing.
  • Accelerates Healing Process: With better circulation your body will heal faster. With better blood flow and oxygen given to your vital organs and tissues, you can help your body to become more flexible, and thus regenerate and heal faster than without the massages. For those who are eager to be done with their post-op phase and to return to their normal life, massages are the perfect treatment option.
  • Shortens Recovery Time: By assisting in the removal of toxins that accumulate after plastic surgery and enhancing blood flow to the area, which supplies nutrients to the skin and its deeper layers of tissue, massage helps to hasten the healing process overall. Massage can assist the damaged area regain nutrients and flexibility by promoting healthy blood flow. Additionally, massage therapy strengthens the immune system, which speeds up recovery in general.
  • Minimizes Scarring: The body’s natural healing process includes defending a damaged area from future damage. This leads to an increase in collagen formation, which, if overproduced, can cause hypertrophic or keloid scars that are quite noticeable. This accumulation of tough fibrous tissue can be reduced and softened by massage therapy applied locally to newly healed scar tissue. Touch treatments’ warmth will cause collagen to soften. These developments will reduce downtime and hasten patients’ return to work and daily activities while making them feel and look even better than before.
  • Minimizes Development of Fibrosis: One of the most common secondary effects of surgery is fibrosis. Many people notice it some weeks after the surgery or during the post-op. At first, you may feel some lumps and bumps on the scar tissue, then you will notice that they get thick and hard, and you may feel pain in the area. To avoid fibrosis development, it is very important to start your Post- Surgical Manual Lymphatic drainage (PS-MLD) then Post-Surgical Recovery Massage (PSRM) soon as possible.
  • Decrease Water Retention: Approximately 70 percent of your body is made up of water. When this water and fluid accumulate in certain tissues or body cavities, you will have water retention. Common symptoms of water retention are swelling in your feet, ankles, and hands, stiff joints, and weight gain. Water retention slows down your lymph system.
  • Increases Your Metabolism: A higher metabolic rate will help you burn more fat in your body all day long, even when you are resting. A healthy lymph system can rev up your metabolism so you can burn more fat and even avoid weight gain.
  • Supports Proper Liver & Kidney Function: When your liver and kidneys are functioning properly, they can support the body in burning fat and more efficiently eliminate the excess fluids, toxins, and waste.
  • Prevents Body From Depleting: After surgery, the body needs water, fat cells, protein, vitamins, minerals and cell fragments to be recycled and use what it still can by going back into the bloodstream and filtering out what they don’t need by the kidneys to get eliminated.
  • Reduces Cellulite: Cellulite in body tissue is caused by excess fat between the connective tissues just underneath the skin. A healthy lymphatic system helps to break up these deposits. It can not only reduce the appearance of existing cellulite but can help prevent it if you keep up a healthy lifestyle.
  • Improves the Elasticity of Your Skin: New cell growth and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles are both a product of a healthy circulation system. The lymphatic system helps to remove fluid and waste in the body that can hamper your entire body’s circulation. This in turn can improve the tightness and elasticity of your skin.
  • Optimizes Results: Overall, lymphatic drainage can help you achieve your desired results. By reducing risk of infection and complications such as scarring and fluid buildup, patients will achieve the slimmed down appearance and smooth skin they set out for.