Post-Surgical Manual Lymphatic Drainage (PS-MLD) is a series of modified MLD styles with application of anastomosis, faja compression and foam theory. PS-MLD is not the same as MLD. PS-MLD is a part of The Post-Operative Recovery Massage (PORM). Post-Surgical Manual Lymphatic Drainage (PS-MLD is a gentle series of “skin-stretching techniques”  that increases blood flow and promotes rapid recovery by targeting the lymphatic system and assisting the body with rapid reabsorption of post-surgical oedema, removing of medical residual and metabolic waste products, and filtration of vital nutrients such amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals and put them back into the system.

PS-MLD plays an important role as a supplement to standard rehabilitation procedures after surgery because it additional benefits promote tissue relaxation, flow in blood and oxygen circulation. Post-Surgical Manual Lymphatic Drainage (PS-MLD) is considered the standard of care in recovering after plastic surgery recovery procedures including “Mommy Makeover”, BBL, facial surgery, breast lift/augmentation, liposuction and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). By activating the compromised lymphatic pathway with application of anastomosis, faja compression and foam theory, PS-MLD sessions focus on reducing swelling, bruising and pain.

The number of sessions patients need will depend on their surgery. It is recommended by plastic surgeons to have a minimum of 6-12 sessions.

  • Small Procedure: 6 sessions at minimum
  • Medium Procedure Combo: 8-12 sessions at minimum
  • Large Procedure Combo:12-24 sessions at minimum

To receive the full benefit of Manual Lymphatic Drainage after Liposuction it is best to receive a treatment as soon as possible after the procedure. Preferrable the very next day after your surgery. Treatment can be received everyday for 7 consecutive days, or every other day or every three days in the first week of post-op period.

The lymphatic system helps process waste and absorbs fluids. We refer to it as the truancy officer of the body— it is an intricate system that is wrapped around vessels throughout the body collecting straggler cells. The lymphatic system picks up toxins along with the immune system and sends them to the liver for processing. The viable cells are returned to the heart and waste matter is later excreted from the body. However, during major surgery, the lymphatic system is compromised for 3-4 months allowing the fluid that pools within the skin layers to linger. After surgery, these fluids can harden, which is often painful.

PS-MLD is also the ideal therapeutic choice for recovering from childbirth (including  c-section), orthopedic or dental surgery, for those experiencing inflammation or autoimmune disease, chronic pain and when beginning or boosting a fitness routine. For those who are breastfeeding, PS-MLD can prevent, reduce and resolve clogged ducts and mastitis and boost milk production. If you’re preparing for a special event such as a wedding, modelling gig, or a vacation, general MLD therapy can also help get rid of puffiness and bloating before your big day.

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is the foundation therapy for Post-Surgical Manual Lymphatic Drainage (PSMLD) and Post-Operative Recovery Massage (PORM) and the golden standard treatment for lymphedema .  This massage is a gentle series of “skin stretching” with light pressure,  relaxing pumping motion done to the skin.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage offers many benefits for filtering, removing and rebalancing fluid from your tissues and organs. Your lymphatic vessels will pick up and move the excess fluids in your tissue and bring them to the lymph nodes to gather information and engage your immune cells to target and eliminate cellular waste and debris.

The lymphatic system helps process waste and absorbs fluids, which sometimes harden after surgery, becoming painful. A post-operative massage prevents and treats this hardening of fluids by promoting micro circulation, reducing inflammation, and helping scar tissue heal.

Post-Operative Recovery Massage (PORM) is a form of medical massage that uses a combination of MLD with application of Lymphatic Anastomosis and additional manual techniques to best aid your connective tissue in healing.

After undergoing any type of surgery, both Post-Surgical Manual Lymphatic Drainage (PS-MLD) and Post-Operative Recovery  Massage (PORM) are crucial for treatments for patients and their post-op healing processes.